We specialize in conveyors and steel construction

Suppliers of bearings, power transmission & seals (hydraulic & mechanical)

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems are individual conveyors that are linked together to form a complete system. The individual conveyors that are linked come together to form what you would normally see in major factories or warehouses who make use of conveyor belt systems. Caslyn’s conveyor systems specialists take all aspects into consideration when developing a conveyor belt system tailored to your needs. (e.g. the more individual conveyors the greater the challenge for the control system of the Conveyor System).

“Conveyor Systems can be made up of belt conveyors, roller conveyors, chain conveyors, and more… making use of Caslyn means that you will have a system built to your requirements with all aspects of the build seen to by us. (e.g. what type of conveyor system to use for specific applications).”

Abattoir equipment

We also specialize in Abattoir equipment for both local & neighboring countries.

Caslyn are a supplier of

Caslyn are a suppliers of bearings, power transmission, conveyor systems & seals (hydraulic & mechanical) to all markets in South Africa and neighboring countries.


Engineering – Cnc & Auto-cam machining of small parts & components specialists.